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What are the reasons of hair fall?

What are the reasons of hair fall?

by HAIR AFFAIRS By Ms 29 Jun 2024

Want to understand the root reasons of hair fall? Find out the most common causes so you can discover a viable solution for your problem!

Shedding a certain amount of hair in routine is normal as there is a body’s natural renewal cycle. The question arises here how much hair fall is normal per day? People get worried when they see their 50-100 strands falling out daily, but there is nothing to worry about. It is completely normal. There are 2 stages of the cycle from which every hair follicle goes through; the growth stage (anagen) and the resting stage (telogen). According to research, at one time 9% of follicles on the scalp are at the resting stage and are ready to shed hair strands. It means that around 50-100 strands fall out every single day. This process is not a hair fall. Hair Fall starts when more strands start to fall. That’s when paying attention becomes important.

The most crucial reason of hair fall is the health of hair follicles. Once the cycle of hair follicles is disrupted, or they are damaged, the process of falling of hair becomes quicker than regeneration resulting in bald patches, receding hairline, or overall thinning of hair.  

Hair loss can be an embarrassing and distressing experience, but understanding the underlying causes of how hair fall starts can help you to take steps to reduce or prevent it. Knowing the common reasons for excessive hair fall can help you identify if any lifestyle changes, dietary modifications, or medical treatments could be helpful for your individual situation.

There are certain reasons of hair fall which may include hair fall caused by internal factors the hair fall caused by external factors.

  • Hereditary factor
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Dandruff 
  • Chemical exposure
  • Nutritional deficiency


It is the most common reasons of hair fall worldwide. The hair follicles start shrinking at a certain age consequently hindering the growth of new hair strands. Unfortunately, there is no cure for genetic hair loss as it is coded into the genes but the good news is that it can be defended against and counteracted by taking proper care and using the right products i.e oiling, proper diet, and being gentle.


Both men and women can develop a state of hair loss due to hormonal imbalance, treating of which leads to regrowth of hair as well. Many people relate testosterone and estrogen-only with hormonal imbalance whereas problems with the thyroid can also lead to hormonal imbalance-based hair fall. This is one of the prime reasons for excessive hair fall in the female gender. If you suspect that a hormone imbalance is causing your hair loss, it’s best to consult with your doctor or a specialist to determine what course of action is best to take.


Stress and anxiety can cause harm to the hair follicles, leading to severe hair loss. Excessive levels of stress over an extended period can weaken the body’s immune system, making it harder for hair follicles to recover. Meanwhile, anxiety may lead people to overthink their situation and engage in excessive maintenance of their scalp which leads to further damage. It is important to keep stress and anxiety in check so you can maintain healthy hair growth.


Another common reason of severe hair fall is having an unhealthy scalp that’s prone to irritation, flaking, and itching. This usually results from problems such as dandruff, which can block hair follicles and even cause scarring in some cases. Dandruff is a potential reasons of hair fall as it is an inflammation in the scalp and can clog the hair follicles & the damaged follicles start to shed hair. Also, the itchy scalp caused by dandruff can become a reason for damaged follicles. Treating the underlying scalp condition is essential in stopping progressive hair fall.


The scalp is the field for hair growth and it needs to stay healthy in order to generate healthy hair. In recent times, modern styling tools not only remain confined to the hair strands but also target the scalp as a result of which the chemicals get absorbed in the scalp too. This leads to the deterioration of the quality and health of the scalp. It can even lead to temporary burning of the scalp which results in the loss of certain hair follicles. The symptoms of chemical damage on the scalp include itchiness, excessive dryness, redness, brittle hair, split ends, dull hair, and hair thinning. Heat-based treatments such as regular blow drying and flat ironing can also damage hair to an extent that leads to breakage, shedding, and thinning. To prevent further damage, reducing heat exposure and opting for gentler hairstyling techniques should help you maintain full, healthy locks.


Hair follicles are located in the scalp and are the roots from where the hair strands grow out. Hair follicles are the most frequently and rapidly dividing cells in the body and if they are not provided enough nourishment and nutrition, their growth will slow down and eventually stop hair growth. Poor overall nutrition and inadequate nutrient intake can lead to severe hair loss. Hair requires essential vitamins and minerals to thrive, such as iron, zinc, B vitamins, biotin, and proteins. If the body doesn’t receive enough of these nutrients through diet or supplements then it can cause a range of conditions including alopecia (the medical name for hair loss). Eating a balanced diet with adequate protein and vitamins is essential for healthy hair growth. 


Out of all the factors that influence hair health and retention, 90% of them can be cured by just the choice of the correct hair products and adopting the right hair care routine. Hair fall can be controlled at any stage but the treatments can be more effective if started earlier. The follicles can also be brought to the regeneration phase by the use of organic hair care and by avoiding any chemical supplements or treatments.

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